PVC special nano antibacterial agent

Product description

PVC special nano antibacterial agent (HKJ102-PVC)


Nano-zinc ion antibacterial new material is a new type of high-efficiency antibacterial new material developed by Huizhou Huanmeisheng New Material Co., Ltd. It has the characteristics of broad spectrum, long-lasting, non-toxic and no residue, and has no other antibacterial materials. Comparable advantages. The special nano-antibacterial agent for PVC is a high-efficiency PVC special antibacterial agent produced by using nano zinc-ion antibacterial new material as active antibacterial ingredient and adopting advanced dispersing technology and manufacturing process. The authoritative test data proves that it has good antibacterial and bactericidal effects. It has the advantages of safe and non-toxic, good antibacterial effect, and not easy to change color.


[Main Features]

1. Appearance: milky white liquid (oily).

2. It has broad-spectrum antibacterial effect and long-term and high-efficiency antibacterial effect.

3. Dispersion uniformity: Excellent dispersion performance, and the surface of the PVC product with antibacterial agent is smooth and uniform.

4. Antibacterial property: plastic products with antibacterial agent added according to the prescribed ratio. The antibacterial rate of 24 hours is in line with the standards of China, Japan and the United States, and the antibacterial rate is over 99%.

5. Toxicity to human body: Approved by the national authority, it has no toxic effect on the human body. Meet the requirements of the EU RoHS Directive.


[Main parameter performance]

Detection project
Test criteria
Antibacterial agent particle size
Laser scattering particle size detector
Antibacterial and antibacterial (E. coli)
ISO 22196:2011
Antibacterial and antibacterial (Candida albicans)
ISO 22196:2011
Antibacterial and antibacterial (Staphylococcus aureus)
ISO 22196:2011
Skin irritation test
Disinfection Technical Specification 2002
No stimulation
Acute eye irritation test
Disinfection Technical Specification 2002
No stimulation
ROHS designation 2011/65/EU, (EU) 2015/863


[Scope of application]

PVC gloves, PVC packaging materials, etc.


[Instructions for use]

It is recommended to use 5% or according to the needs and experimentally determined to be added to the PVC base material. It must be mixed evenly when used.


[Packaging and Storage]


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